About Us

Welcome to www.xpressloan.com.my

We are the moneylender company with license no (WL5878/10/01-6/281118) approved by the ministry of Housing & Local Government under the money lenders Act 1951 with our offices in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
By owning the license, we are able to offer you a more flexible scheme with easy repayment back to us within your ability in terms of individual.

We provide personalized services including advisory services to help alleviate borrower’s financial problems. Our goal is to tailor solutions to best suit customer’s financial needs and we are willing to extend loans to deserving cases. We are trustworthy and professional and we always uphold customer’s confidentially.

For the convenience of our existing customers, our company has special privilege for them for any new application of loan. However, late repayment by customers will also be charged with an additional of minimum cost of 12% per annum. Please take note that this may also affect the customer’s Credit Score and especially for those who did not perform repayment on time or payment overdue.

Xpress Loan have cater different range of loan schemes to match with customer’s requirements. Customers can surely enjoy our flexible repayment, low interest rate (as low as 0.88%), policy renewal and annual percentage interest rate (12% with collateral and 18% none collateral).

Our values

We are committed to attain the highest standards of professional excellence in all our dealings. We respect and are conscious of timeless in all aspects of our work.

We continuously seek improvements in everything we do. We will be flexible and adapt to change.

Prudence and priority of credit quality will dictate our lending decisions. Company’s policies guidelines are strictly adhered to in making the right decisions.

We will trust each other and work together as a team in achieving our business objectives by sharing knowledge, ideas and experience.

We will respect and care for our staffs, customers and the community. We recognize then fundamental value of mutual respect, treating people with dignity and the distinctive contribution of each individual.

We will maintain the highest standards of integrity as individuals and as an organization. We will apply and encourage in others, honesty and reliability in all dealings and relationships.

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